What's the right rack for your bike and your vehicle?  Here are a few key things to consider...
First, you'll need to consider what vehicle you're using, as not every bike rack fits every car.  The kind of car you drive has a big impact on how you'll need to carry your bikes.  You will also need to consider what type of bikes you will be carrying, and how many.  
Here are some key points on the different types of bike racks.
Roof mounted bike racks  
Unsurprisingly, roof mounted bike racks place the bikes on the roof of the car.  You'll need a set of roof racks to fit one of these.  
& Product Tips
  • They use up your roof rack space, so depending on the number of bikes you have you might struggle to get your roof box or surf boards up there too.

  • If you have a very tall car, you might struggle to get the bikes on and off the roof if you don't have something to stand on.

  • They are generally not suitable for e-bikes as these are often too heavy.

  • Also, beware of low parking building roofs, garages and car ports!!!